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Toxic Truth: A Scientist, a Doctor, and the Battle Over Lead   by Lydia Denworth


"The first book to tell the incredible story of two men behind the bitter thirty-year fight to protect children from lead."

Thanks to the generosity of Lydia Denworth and Beacon Press, ALPHA is offering a hardcover copy of Toxic Truth (along with other items) as a free gift with every $30 donation.  Please visit our donations page for further information or contact us at If you would like to purchase a copy of Toxic Truth (and not receive the other free gifts), please email us at and we will gladly take your order!  We are also giving away an autographed copy of this book in ourSpring Raffle.

Lydia Denworth is a former Newsweek reporter and People bureau chief.  Her writing on science, education, and other social issues has appeared in The New York Times, Redbook, Health, and other publications. 

Now Available on DVD: "New Insights into the Effects of Lead Poisoning on Children and Adults"

Four of the nation's top research scientists presented a Symposium on The Effects of Lead Poisoning on Children and Adults.

Weil Communications will donate a portion of the proceeds of this DVD to ALPHA.

Weil Communications has produced this informative DVD that brings you answers to questions such as:

  • What do recent findings tell us about the effects of lead poisoning on brain development and function?
  • How is low-level lead exposure linked to ADHD in children and adolescents, to cardiovascular disease in adults and to criminal behavior?
  • How are children’s intellectual ability adversely affected by lead, even when their blood lead levels never exceed 10ug/dL?
  • What do we now know about prevention, immediate treatment and long-term management of the lead poisoned child?

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Recommended Reading and Products

We have listed some books and products that we have found to be helpful when dealing with lead poisoning.  ALPHA is not affiliated with any of these products and is listing them here as a courtesy to our members.  If you do purchase any of these items through these links, ALPHA will received a portion of the sale.   We appreciate any help we can get and hope you find these products informative and useful!