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You are not alone anymore...

Can you tell these children have been poisoned?

Children with elevated lead levels look like any other child.  Chances are you wouldn't guess that these are the faces of lead poisoned children.  Please check back with us as we will be posting more stories and updates to our current stories.

We are gathering stories for this page and invite you to share your story with us.  Sharing theses stories helps families connect and provide support to each other during a very difficult time.  We also believe it helps people to become familiar with the effects of lead and understand why the need for prevention is so important.  We know how difficult it can be to talk about what your family is going through when your child is diagnosed, but please considering sharing your story.  Thank you!




Julian's Blood Lead Level peaked at 44 micrograms per deciliter at 10-months of age.  He endured two rounds of oral chelation.  It took seven and a half years for his lead levels to reach non-measurable levels.  To learn more about Julian, click here.

Chrissy & Carly were at-risk from conception, due to their brother Julian's high levels.  They peaked at 17 & 13 when they became mobile at 1 year, but quickly receded to <3.


Mikey had high levels of lead as an infant, and was chelated.  He may require assisted living the rest of his life due to deteriorating lead dust.

This is Sean, He is 7 years old and has lead poisoning. He was diagnosed in July of 2003, when he was 3-years-old. His initial finger stick came back with a blood lead level of 27 ug/dL. A venous test showed a level of 40 ug/dL, 4 times the normal allowed level.  To learn more about Sean, click here.