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ALPHA’s mission is to raise awareness about lead poisoning, and to provide a national support network for families affected by lead.


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Today, I am making the choice to not let this destroy me, and my family.  We are survivors, not victims, of lead poisoning!  I want to thank everyone here, esp. Leann for reminding me that I have to make this choice everyday.  Sitting back and feeling sorry for myself won't help my daughter.  ST

Thanks so much for all your help! It is sooo great to not feel so alone in all this. We were completely blindsided by this. I will take all the advice I can get. This at times seems so overwhelming! Thanks so much for contacting me!  AH

Thanks for listening, I'm happy that finally I can speak to different parents about this. I don't know anyone else that has lead poisoning.  LM

I think we all hesitate to express our frustrations publicly, especially when we've been involved with this for so long, but when we do reach the point when we need to vent, I believe those words help to recharge and re-inspire everyone who's listening and pushes us to do even more.  I'm not sure why it is that when I tell people about the hazards of lead they treat it as if it's something terrible for me but something that has nothing to do with them. People still associate lead poisoning with lead paint and poverty, and somehow feel insulated from ever having it affect their lives.  MG

For the first 3 years of my son’s lead poisoning, all I learned on the subject was on my own. Then I found Leann and ALPHALEAD. It has made a world of difference to me to know there are other parents like me out there. Others who feel every heartache, every bit of anger. And who will listen to my rants when they need to be voiced.  BM

Once again - thanks so much for helping me and all moms like me and their children.  I felt so deflated after their reply to my editorial - like they missed the whole point of my piece - that my child was fine at age one and poisoned six months later.  Testing at age one is not enough.  And testing kids in houses built prior to 1960 sure misses a lot of other kids …They may hurt more than they help...Thanks Leann for caring and using your powers for good!  You are an incredible writer with such passion for saving lead poisoned children.   We are blessed to have you in our lives!  KC