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Lead, Wildlife, and The Environment

Lead not only impacts our children's lives, but also the lives of animals.  Animals are susceptible to the hazards of lead in small doses and are exposed in a variety of ways.  For years, the California Condor has suffered because of lead in it's environment.  The California Condor is on the brink of extinction and lead has been reported as being the number one source of Condor deaths.  Lead shotgun pellets and bullet fragments have been found in the GI tracts of this birds.

Household pets are not exempt from being exposed to lead.  Dogs and cats who lick the ground where lead dust sits have been known to get sick or die from lead exposure. In 1990, President Bush's dog, Millie, suffered from lead poisoning during renovations at The White House.  Many families discover that they have a lead issues in their homes when their pets become ill.

Even though the manufacture of lead paint has been banned, and even though unleaded gasoline is sold at local gas stations, lead is still being used in many different items and the manufacture, use, processing, and disposal of these items is what continues to cause exposure to lead for children, adults, and wildlife.

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